membership mem‧ber‧ship [ˈmembəʆɪp ǁ -ər-] noun [uncountable]
1. the fact of being a member of a club or an organization:

• Both countries are now applying for membership of the European Union.

2. the number of people who belong to a club or an organization:

• Trade Union membership has declined by 5% over the last five years.

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membership UK US /ˈmembəʃɪp/ noun
[C or U] the state of belonging to a group or organization: membership in sth »

He holds membership in a number of regional and national organizations.

membership of sth »

She has promised to use her influence and membership of a high-level advisory group to lobby for change.

apply/qualify for membership »

Employees need to have worked here for more than two years in order to qualify for membership of the scheme.

the cost/benefit of membership »

One of the benefits of membership is access to free legal advice.


board/union membership


EU/WTO/NATO membership


full/free membership

[C or U] the number of people who belong to a group or organization: »

The EU's membership has almost doubled since 2004.

have a membership of sth »

We currently have a membership of more than 11,000 professionals, professors, and students.

declining/falling membership »

Pooling resources will help us cope more easily with declining membership and revenues.


membership numbers/a membership base

membership declines/falls/goes down »

Membership in investment clubs has declined just like the stock market.

membership increases/rises/climbs »

Party membership has risen, by 3,000, for the first time in 20 years.

a decline/increase in membership »

We get a significant increase in membership each year, mostly because people read about us on the Internet.

expand/boost/restrict membership »

The appointment was made in the hope of strengthening finances and boosting membership.

[S] members of a group or organization considered as a group: »

The firm has failed to recognize and appreciate what our membership has contributed during the past four years.


Since the online group was formed just over a year ago, the membership has pretty much doubled every month.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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